Barefoot Waterski Majority Timer

Mainly used for tournaments to time 15 second slalom or trick passes. Turn the timer on and you will hear two short beeps indicating it is ready to start. As soon as the second of the three connected start buttons is pressed the 15 second timing starts and it sounds a beep. At exactly 15 seconds you will hear a long beep. The START of the long beep is exactly 15 seconds from when the second button was pressed.

Using a majority timer prevents accidental false starts. Only once 2 of the 3 judges agree that timing has started does the timing begin. Experience shows that this greatly reduces the number of times that you have to “go to video” to get a time for a pass.

These timers have been used at multiple world championships.

The timer runs on 3 AA sized batteries that are changed by removing 4 phillips head screws on the back. Batteries last more than a season easily. Recommend quality batteries to avoid battery leak damage.

If you press the start prematurely quickly power off and on and you are ready to start again as soon as you hear the two beeps. If a timer button is dropped and may have accidentally armed, power cycle to reset as a precaution!

Normally the main timing unit is strapped or taped to the ski pylon facing the judges in the back of the boat. The timer comes with 4 start buttons each with approx 3m cord. The 4th is included in case one is damaged during a tournament. Plug three of the start buttons into the main timer. It is recommended that after plugging the start buttons in, tape or strap the wores to the pylon as well to avoid damage or pulling out if someone yanks on or trips on a timer cord.

Timing is done with a crystal controlled microprocessor to achieve accuracy within 1/1000 of a second. Don’t think thats accurate enough? Sound only travels 1.1 feet in that time so how far apart all your judges are and judge reaction time is far more significant! Video is only 1/60 of a second between frames.

Cost: $200US

Current version: