Computer consulting, Waterski Timers, Ski Wing Angle Gauges, Electronics Technician

I design and make waterski timers for tournaments. 15 second timers for barefoot waterski tournaments. 20 second timers for traditional ski trick timing.

For barefoot waterskiing  I make both a simple handheld timer (single button) as well as a majority timer (3 buttons, time starts when two have been pressed, i.e. when the majority of judges agree time should start).

For slalom skiers I make 3D printed wing angle gauges for setting the fin wing angle accurately. You can print them yourself for free or buy a set.

I also do computer consulting for both Windows and Macintosh computers.

Electronic design and repair, 3D design and printing, laser engraving, CNC machining and welding  services are also available.

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Barefoot Waterski Timer

Barefoot Waterski Majority Timer

Traditional Waterski Trick Timer

Waterski Slalom Wing Angle gauges

Self Adjusting Waterski Slalom Course Anchor

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