Traditional Waterski Trick Timer

Used for both practice and tournaments to time 20 second trick passes. Turn the timer on and you will hear three short beeps indicating it is ready to start. Pressing the start button starts the 20seconds and sounds a beep. At exactly 20seconds you will hear a long beep. The START of the long beep is exactly 20seconds from when the button was pressed.

The timer runs on 3 AA sized batteries that are changed by removing 4 small phillips head screws on the back. Batteries last more than a season easily. Recommend quality batteries to avoid battery leak damage.

If you press the start prematurely quickly power off and on and you are ready to start again as soon as you hear the three beeps.

If you are using the timer indoors timing video, put tape over the opening to the beeper to make the unit quiet.

Timing is done with a crystal controlled microprocessor to achieve accuracy within 1/1000 of a second. Don’t think thats accurate enough? Sound only travels 1.1 feet in that time so how far apart all your judges are and judge reaction time is far more significant! Video is only 1/60 of a second between frames.

Cost: $50US

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